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Our mission is to serve the school’s families by supporting school activities, celebrations, fundraisers, and other special events in an effort to foster a strong sense of school community.

What was once known as PTSO is now known as Partners In Excellence, or PIE!  The name was changed to reflect the new direction and mission, a partnership between our families and school to make All Saints Catholic School the best experience it can be for our students.  If you were ever confused by the purpose of the previous PTSO, or weren’t sure how to help, PLEASE give us a second chance!  PIE has several goals and plans this year.  Foremost, we are also open to more brainstorming ideas to strengthen our school community.  The more participants we have the more we can get done!  We’re at the ground floor of something special here, and we welcome you to take part.  Let’s put our heads together and make this school year the best yet!

Important Announcements


"I have been very pleased with the education that my child has received! we have been there since 2009-2010 school year. My child has done nothing but improve each year. I tested my child on my own this year to see what grade level she is able to work at and to my surprise she actually tested out a entire year ahead of her current grade level. There are alway glitches when a new principal or teacher comes in at any school. ASCS is a accredited school that provides a great education to all students and it is a bonus that they have religion too. this saves parents a lot of time taking their kids to CCD to prepare for sacraments. Yes, there are uniforms, but at least you know what your child is going to be wearing to school each day. Yes, there is tuition, but there is assistance available to everyone! if you are wanting a quality education that your child is not just getting lost in the shuffle, then this is the school for you!"