Welcome to All Saints Catholic School!

Serving the Sierra Vista, Fort Huachuca, Hereford, and Palominas Community



Our Mission

All Saints Catholic School is dedicated to educate and guide children as they follow the footsteps of Jesus. Faith,
family, social growth and excellent academics form the foundation upon which we build our world’s future.


Our Philosophy

At All Saints Catholic School we teach and affirm the doctrines and religious teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Teachers assist parents as the primary educators of their children. The main goal of the school is to teach in a nurturing, child-centered, loving environment where faith is incorporated in academic areas. We address the needs of the whole child in providing diverse approaches to learning. We instill in our students the belief that all they are and will become through prayer and education is from God and is to be used in the service of God and community.


Student Learning Expectations

Each student at All Saints Catholic School is taught to become…

…An Active Christian Who:

  • Knows the teachings of the Catholic Church
  • Knows right from wrong
  • Participates in service projects to help others
…A Life Long Learner Who:

  • Gathers and applies information in different ways
  • Uses problem solving skills
  • Uses technology
…An Effective Communicator Who:

  • Is able to work with others
  • Shows respect and uses good manners
  • Listens to others, speaks clearly, and writes correctly
…A Globally Aware Citizen Who:

  • Respects other cultures and customs
  • Experiences a second language
  • Learns about what is happening in the country and around the world



Important Announcements


"You are running an amazing school. I've never seen a school with such kind and polite students and staff. I'm so glad that my daughters had the opportunity to be a part of All Saints. They have learned so much. We are going to miss everyone at All Saints. Thank you for a great school year!"