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Box Tops for Education

Every box top counts!  Seriously!  Each Box Top is worth 10¢!  Students, parents, and supporters external to the school have brought countless Box Tops to help All Saints Catholic School receive THOUSANDS of dollars in the years we’ve participated.  All thanks to lots and lots of clipping.

But, it’s all changing!  The program is going digital-only very soon.  Eventually the classic clipping of Box Tops will be phased out, and our school can only get credit by scanning receipts with the Box Tops app (see below).  The changes will affect the classic ways we’ve done  things in the past at All Saints.  While yearly goals are still in effect, classroom competitions are impossible with the new digital-only program.

We Need Your Help!

We’ll need your understanding and cooperation to continue this important funding source for the school in the digital-only program.  For the program to continue to be successful, we ask all supporters to do the following:

  • Download the app for iPhone and/or Android and register for a login.  Be sure to choose our school to support!

  • Scan your receipts immediately following your purchase to avoid missing the fourteen day window of opportunity.  Keep in mind that products can participate even if they don’t have the Box Top logo displayed on the packaging (click here for list of participating products)

  • THE MOST IMPORTANT: Scan receipts for family and friends that don’t have a smartphone to participate in the program with (within fourteen days of the actual purchase).

By doing the above, you’ll help our school continue to receive the maximum amount of support from the new program.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Watch this short video for a description of all the basics...
The short answer is YES! Box Tops supports and (among others). As long as you have a Box Tops account, you can forward your email receipts (using the same e-mail address used to register with Box Tops) to to receive credit. As the program continues to evolve the answer may change. Check the Box Tops FAQ directly for the latest information.
While the office or Box Tops coordinator can scan receipts for you, the receipt can only be redeemed within fourteen days of purchase. The most effective way to participate is for you to scan the receipt with the Box Top app on your smartphone immediately following your purchase. If you don't have a smartphone, a family member with one can register and scan receipts for you.
No. The coordinator collected and counted Box Tops for each classroom. Since the app does all the calculation and it can't tie to individual students, classroom level tracking is no longer possible.
If you sent your Box Tops in with a family member, please find a family member who owns a smartphone and can participate in the program. If that option doesn't work, please bring your receipts to the office, where they can be scanned. Remember, receipts have to be scanned within fourteen days of purchase to participate!
Consider buying cheaper alternatives to the brands that provide Box Tops and donate the difference directly to the school.  There are other ways that you can support the school as well.  Box Tops would appreciate your feedback.  Please tell them why you don't want to participate in the program and what changes they can make to earn your participation.
Yes. The school will still get credit for Box Tops that AREN'T EXPIRED. Please check the expiration date before you give them to the school. There will be no classroom competitions. Clippable Box Tops are scheduled to go away completely by the end of 2019. We don't expect to see any more by the 2020/2021 school year.

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